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Mark Horvath working in Southern Sudan 2003


“Mark is a savvy marketer and documentary-style story teller devoted to chronicling and trying to better the lives of the homeless in the United States. He has taught me a great deal and been generous with his knowledge at seminars we have hosted at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.” Michelle Levander, Director, The California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships, USC Annenberg School for Communication

“Mark’s passion for solving Homelessness is awe inspiring. He is a marketing strategist, social media evangelist and able to turn his personal passion into action seamlessly. I am honored to know him and recommned his services to all that need assistance with “word of mouth” marketing strategies, and ending homelessness” – Maria Wiest, Chief Administrative Officer, United Way of Greater Los Angeles Area

“Mark is an invaluable asset in our work to end homelessness – both at our organization, but also in the broader community. He has helped us reach new audiences and creatively engage people in meaningful conversations about this work. He’s been such an asset in growing our online and social media presence, and he is wonderful to work with. He is incredibly generous with him time and energy, and I’m so grateful we’ve had the opportunity to work with him”Christine Marge, Director, Housing & Financial Stability at United Way of Greater Los Angeles

“If the opportunity to meet Mark Horvath ever arises in your life take advantage of it. If you have the chance to work with him in any way, don’t miss out on it. Mark is intelligent, passionate, and leader who is building something larger than himself. He knows how to take the smallest bits of resources and turn them into powerful performance. Mark knows how to reach until he terrifies himself and then live up to the promises he made. That single quality brings out the best in everyone who crosses his path. And though some that he tries to help aren’t ready yet, they know that Mark will be there for them when they are. I had the pleasure of working on something that I was sure was an investment in Mark’s cause — Invisible People TV — a quest to put a human face on homelessness. Mark’s story and the reality of who he is fueled a huge coming together of resources from big brands and individuals — given without strings. And it wasn’t until the project was over that I realized that what we did with and for Mark made better people of us. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Mark Horvath is changing the world. I know. He’s already changed me.” Liz Strauss, Founder of Inside-Out Thinking & SOBCon

“Mark’s an enormously creative and resourceful proponent for the homeless and an inspiration to anyone and everyone with a cause.”Katya Andresen, Chief Strategy Officer at Network for Good

“I have had the privilege of getting to know the one and only Mr. Mark Horvath over the past year through a variety of shared circles we run in. More recently, I hired Mark to assist me and my Foursquare Communications team with strategic planning and ideation. Mark is a master at thinking big, dreaming big and, more importantly, bringing those ideas in for landing. If you’re looking for an experienced idea guy with a powerful perspective—Mark just might be a fit for your team. Mark has a powerful personal story that provides a solid foundation for purpose-filled marketing and communication. Couple that with his breadth of knowledge of the industry, and you’ve got a force for good.”Brad Abare, AVP, Director of Communications, Foursquare

“I have worked with Mark on several occasions, myself as a technical consultant to projects Mark was producing. Mark has a passion and approaches each project with loyalty to whomever he is producing for. He has a very creative mind and brings reality to the screen whether it be visually or by its story. He himself has a story that helps bring that passion to life. I would recommend Mark for any producing or creative project you might have.”Dave Cooper, VP Sales at National Mobile Television and Management Consulting Consultant

For information on working with Mark email: mark [at] markhorvath [dot] net

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