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Your life is being broadcast

Published by October 22nd, 2008 in Character, Church, Community, Future, Internet, Life's Lessons, My Big Mouth, Technology  2 Comments »  

Wow! It’s been a long time since I made a post, and a lot has happened. Actually, I have like 20 posts in me, but because in the past my being open and honest was not allowed – I was scared – so I kept silent!

I wanted to write about my new job and my new boss, yet, because I knew when I posted a link to Brad’s blog he would find this blog, I kept procrastinating, and now it’s a mute point. Interesting enough, I did not actually realize how toxic some of my last situations were until I tried to function normally in a healthy environment. I mean, who else would have the coolest workplace, and be open to blogging, and open to voicing a difference of opinion than the guy behind – yet I was conditioned for the last several years to not be myself – and it showed, because I was still too scared to be open and honest even though I was in a safe place.

I also wanted to write about control. As I went into this new job I worked extra hard to allow things to evolve around me without any interference by me. We either become control freaks, or become passive, in an attempt to avoid legitimate suffering, yet it is by going through legitimate suffering head on that we grow spiritually and emotionally. It was a great experience going into an organization and not as the boss. Nothing happened “my way”, and I loved every growth-packed minute of it. I actually believe that every mega church leader should go find a small church and work for two weeks each year as a lay person, and not be allowed to influence any decision. Basically seeing life from the other side. Not being the boss for a change was one of the best things that could have happened to me, but that is not the topic of this post.

There is so much that I want to write, and I wish my written communication skills were better so I could effectively communicate all that is my heart. I do regret allowing the oppression of my past situations to continue on into my new life. It’s not their fault, it’s mine! I made the choice to keep quiet, and that was the wrong choice!

What I feel compelled to write about is a change I see as our society becomes more voyeuristic and technology becomes more mobile. Like I said in the last post, I’m sure someone has already touched this topic so I may be behind, but it is very, very important. Now, it has actually come to life for me!

A few weeks back ICFG had to lay off 25 people, and I was one of them. For the record I want to say that although there is no easy way to let people go, ICFG had to make a hard decision, and they took very good care of us. You can tell if an organization has Jesus or not just by how they treat employees that are exiting, and former employees that for whatever reason moved on. Even though my time was short with Foursquare I am extremely impressed with their compassion and forward thinking.

The interesting part to all this is “Black Tuesday”, the day the layoffs took place, was broadcast over the internet via Twitter and Facebook. Some I have selected as a favorite on my Twitter page, which you can read here . Brad was twittering as it went down, and so were a few others in the office. It was weird, yet it is the future of how things are going to be – all of our lives will be broadcast over the internet – like it or not!

I believe the idea of a “big brother” watching us started with George Orwell’s movie 1984, but it’s not the government that is the soon-to-be big participator in broadcasting EVERYTHING, it’s little sister, Aunt Ruby, Johnny down the street, and Yilmaz over in Turkey. As we become more of a mobile technology world, more of OUR world will be broadcast to the Internet – AND NOT BY CHOICE!

As with anything there is good and bad. The good is people who do not have integrity will no longer be able to hide. The new world is all about transparency and vulnerability – everything will be exposed. The bad is there is no privacy anymore – none at all!

No matter if you like this or not, as in the case of “Black Tuesday” being broadcast over the internet, I didn’t have a choice, and neither do you. This train has left the station, and if you are not being real with people, LOTS of people will find out – and sooner than a you can click on a send button!

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Whatever God!

Published by March 12th, 2008 in Change, Character, Future, Homeless, Just Me, Leadership, Learning, Life's Lessons, My Big Mouth, Personal, Personal Growth, Recovery, Remarkable  1 Comment  

As I was driving to Nashville in a crazy snow storm to speak at NRB I received a devastating phone call. Well, it should have been devastating since I was being delivered some very bad news.

For about the last 10 months I have been through hell. I have been beat down to where there is absolutely no fight left in me. Everything that has happened, all the misunderstandings and whacked perceptions are so weird I cannot even explain it.  The end result is I am now back in extreme debt and I am very close to losing everything – again!

When I was homeless I had nothing to lose. The stress this time is insane and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the fear sometimes is almost paralyzing.  I don’t dwell on the fear and I always do my best to stay positive, but sometimes it just slaps me in the face.

Now here is what is interesting (at least to me).  As I was driving through that snow storm this past Friday, and hung up the phone after receiving very bad news, I said out loud, “whatever God” with a smile on my face. I had peace about my situation. It was as if I completely surrendered and raised the white flag. 

The National Religious Broadcasters Convention, I thought, would be all business. I never expected to get anything spiritual from the event. I was wrong! Saturday morning a friend talked me into going to hear Phil Vischer speak. Phil is the original creator of Veggie Tales and to be honest, talking vegetables have never done anything for me. I would have never gone to hear Phil without some coaching.

It was amazing and just what I needed to hear.  Phil had everything and then lost everything yet God continues to do an amazing work in his life. There was a God purpose in everything! He has now started Jelly Fish Labs. The name alone is worth going to the session. A jellyfish cannot completely control where it moves. Phil’s talk is encouraging and spiritually enlightening and I highly recommend you buy the CD. RB-S01 Reach Keynote Session – Phil Vischer.

While driving I also listened to a leadership series by Andy Stanley that is probably some of the best teachings I have ever heard.  If you are going to only buy one teaching series in 08 make it this one! It will change your life. Buy it for your pastor, leaders and friends. The church is changing. Leadership is changing! Everyone needs to hear this: The Best of Catalyst – Andy Stanley Buy this teaching and share!

I don’t know what is going to happen in my life. God has stripped me of everything before so I would pay attention and let Him drive. I don’t know if that is the case here, but this last week, in the face of severe darkness, I was blanketed with a peace that could have only come from God.

Whatever God, although scary, is a very good place to be!

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Sign of change

Published by February 8th, 2008 in Change, Future, Internet, Just Me, Marketing, Media, My Big Mouth, Vision  Comments Off on Sign of change  

I was reading Seth’s new book “Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing out of Sync?” for a second time last night and he referenced the thickness of Time Magazine. Today I was in line at the grocery store and Time and Newsweek were next to each other. I picked them both up. Wow, not much of anything anymore.  Media is changing FAST- and changing EVERYTHING! Honestly, the not-for-profit world is so inundated with direct mail as a primary fundraising strategy most will be caught unprepared for the inevitable.

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Is there a future for TV employment?

Published by January 22nd, 2008 in Change, Future, Just Me, Media, My Big Mouth, Technology, Television  Comments Off on Is there a future for TV employment?  

Back in my college days my TV professor said that there is some accountant in Reseda who has bought all the latest editing software for his kid and that kid is a wiz at editing. As adults we will never be able to compete unless we specialize and make a name for ourselves as a dialog editor, action editor and so on.

When video cameras were placed in the hands of the consumer all of a sudden a bunch of self-proclaimed professionals were born.  If you asked for a shooter with experience all would raise their hand as they have shot their cousins wedding or tapped Christmas morning when they first opened the camera box. Those of us that had some experience would laugh to ourselves because there was a vast difference between a novice and a pro.

Today, that distance is gone. With professional equipment becoming more affordable, more channels of distribution like YouTube and, and more training available like the Travel Channel Academy or current’s free instruction pages the novices are now the pros.

Fox was the first to stumble on the low cost production of reality TV with the show COPS.  With Network TV grasping for air things are changing fast.  There is a big concern that offshoring is taking jobs. That concern is real, however, in the TV Industry our jobs are not going to India! Its little Jimmy down the street uploading his videos for free that is changing everything.

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Googlezon – Epic 2015

Published by December 26th, 2007 in Change, Future, Just Me, Media, My Big Mouth, Technology  Comments Off on Googlezon – Epic 2015  

2008 sees the alliance that challenges Microsoft’s ambitions. Google and Amazon join forces creating Googlezon.

In the Year 2014, The New York Times has gone offline.

What happened to the news?

Thanks to ViralBlog

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Tom Peters Live – Re-imagine DVD

Published by December 19th, 2007 in Change, Customer Service, Future, Just Me, Leadership, Learning, Managment, Marketing, Remarkable, Technology, Vision  Comments Off on Tom Peters Live – Re-imagine DVD  

Tom Peters Live - Re-imagine DVDI love Tom Peters and even though I read his blog and own several of his books I have never seen him in action. On Amazon I happened to find a DVD and it just arrived so I immediately watched it. AMAZING! I was literally blown away! If you are in business or plan on starting one, a leader, a manager or a pizza delivery guy this DVD is a must have! The world is changing fast no matter if we like it or not. Tom tells it like it is and I cannot say that any teaching this year on the future of business and/or marketing has affected me as much as this. Most organizations are stuck in the same old rut and rarely does anyone have the guts to break out from the pack and do something different – something remarkable! His observations about creativity becoming the new commodity, marketing to women, boomers and geezers, weird is good, what is wrong with today’s education, rewarding failures, taking risks, leadership, plus so much more are beyond brilliant. You cannot afford to not watch this DVD!

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Scary use of tagline

Published by October 26th, 2007 in Future, Just Me, Learning, Life's Lessons, Marketing, My Big Mouth, Personal, Personal Growth, Recovery  2 Comments »  

The best proof that a tagline works is when it is adopted by pop culture.

Top 10 taglines:
1. Got milk? (1993)
California Milk Processor Board
2. Don’t leave home without it. (1975)
American Express
3. Just do it. (1988)
4. Where’s the beef? (1984)
5. You’re in good hands with Allstate. (1956)
Allstate Insurance
6. Think different. (1998)
Apple Computer
7. We try harder. (1962)
8. Tastes great, less filling. (1974)
Miller Lite
9. Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. (1954)
M&M Candies
10. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. (1956)

View complete list of the 100 Most Influential Taglines Since 1948 here.

Well today I was at the hospital getting pre-reregistered for my surgery. The attending doctor was telling me that I may have to get a shot of morphine in my back. He went on to say that before this happens they will seek my approval. I believe I said something like “you know best”. Then with a weird smirk the doctor said “we are like Grey Hound, just leave the driving to us”!

Have you ever ridden on Grey Hound? Scary!

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An exciting month

Published by October 26th, 2007 in Future, Just Me, Ministry, My Big Mouth, Outreach, Personal, Personal Growth  Comments Off on An exciting month  

This month I will be doing some traveling.

Pastor Blunt is amazing and he is always investing in his staff

Nov 1st thru 3rd I am in Palm Springs for a Bob Harrison Increase Event

Nov 7th thru 10th in San Diego for the National Outreach Convention

Then back for Hillsong Untied on Nov 14th

Then I rest for a few days starting Nov 16th at St John’s Mercy Medical Center.
I get to go meet the nurses today. This is all new to me. Most of my hospital stays I was rushed into an emergency room so there was no time to think much less meet anyone. You might want to start praying for the Hospital staff now. They may need it! 🙂

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Top six perceptions of Christians

Published by October 5th, 2007 in Blogs, Change, Community, Future, Just Me, Marketing, Media, Ministry, My Big Mouth, Vision  Comments Off on Top six perceptions of Christians  

In my daily blog reading I found a great post on Read the entire post here.

Top six perceptions of Christians:
1. Anti-Homosexual – this is toward the person not the deed – 96%
2. Judgmental – 87%
3. Hypocritical – 81%
4. Sheltered
5. Politically Motivated
6. Insecure

As stated on their blog: An important thing to note here is that these perceptions were consistent from both inside and outside the church. 40% of the audience interviewed were from outside the church. Meaning that a big part of where these perceptions are coming from is within the church itself via both conversations and from the pulpit.

How do we change this?

This is a video from the authors of UnChristian about how Christianity is perceived.

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Three things to avoid in marketing

Published by September 11th, 2007 in Blogs, Change, Community, Future, Internet, Just Me, Leadership, Learning, Marketing, Media, My Big Mouth, Remarkable, Technology, Vision  1 Comment  

I recently discovered Katya’s non-profit marketing blog and it is awesome. I also bought several copies of her book “Robin Hood Marketing” to pass out I loved it so much.

I usually don’t watch online videos however, I was emailed this short clip and I am very impressed how Katya used props to bring home 3 crucial marketing points. Even if you are not into marketing you should watch this short video.

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