SXSW 2014 Panels – Please Vote

sxswlogoThis year I am excited to be included in three SXSW panels:

A Core Conversation with Google Glass Explorers

I have always wanted to work with Serena. She is brilliant, fun and always full of  excitement. But what’s really going to make this panel amazing is Serena and I are just the facilitators, it’s our fellow Google Glass Explorers that will be sharing about all the cool things, and not so cool things about wearing Google Glass.

May I Have Your Attention, Please?

Obviously, sharing stories to effect social change is something I do everyday, so I was very honored when AARP asked me to join them in this conversation. John Martin, who produced this eight part video series on senior hunger will be joining me. Although this panel is not senior or age specific, I’m sure at some point we’ll talk about the Silver Tsunami coming, and how has media creators we can influence change.

Can we “game” homelessness?

This year, the plan is to enter @home in SXSW’s Film Festival. Excuse me for a second while I yell “HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!” @home is not just a film, but a campaign with a smartphone game. This panel with Danny Albert, executive producer at Kindling Group,  and Heidi Boisvert from FuturePerfect Labs, will focus on the gaming aspect of @home campaign.

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