Please Help 80+ Homeless Friends Get Some Love This Christmas

P1020187Imagine your world has crashed down to where you are literary sleeping on the streets during the holidays. The only thing good that is happening is Ascencia and Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, along with the City of Glendale, have opened up the winter shelter system. Each night around 80 people get a cot, a warm meal, a hot shower and a safe place to stay for the night.

Thanks to an event sponsored by the Los Angeles Social Media Club on Dec 18th, that is a fundraiser for Invisible People, I started thinking about how wonderful it would be to be able to just give each one of our homeless friends a little gift bag on Christmas Eve. But we need your help to make it happen!

The SMCLA Holiday Event is Dec 18th. You can find more details here. If you cannot make the event please consider making a donation. But if you happen to be in Los Angeles, don’t miss this event. Lots of great bloggers including my hero Jessica Gottlieb. This last 140 Conference in NYC I shared about my first SMCLA event and meeting Jessica, which played a huge role in Invisible People moving forward.

If you’d like to bring items to the event here is a suggestion list:

Burger King Gift Cards ($5 is fine)
(travel size only): Shampoo/Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotion, Hand Sanitizer etc.
Men’s Socks
Gloves/Hat/Scarf (winter)
Travel-sized Baby Wipes
(travel size only) Toothpaste
Travel Sized Kleenex
Wide Tooth Combs
Batteries (AA and AAA)
Earphone Headsets

***we would like to make each stocking ‘gift bag’ identical

After the event you can still donate at any time by visiting

We are also looking for a group or a caterer to help with a nice holiday meal. If you are interested or know of someone please email me at: mark at invisible people dot tv

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  • Vagabond Ted

    Help spread the word and a little Holiday Cheer. If’n I kin dew it soes can Ewe!

  • Lvallison1956

    I once collect up to 12 sleeping each year for seven years at a Soup kitchen that i worked as the cook in Ocala Fla. No matter what or how much i was able to collect from others fellow church members HATED ME and SPITE IN MY FACE every Chirstmas  now i am in a wheel chair with no income coming in other then medicare with Family is stealing from me food clothing any thing that they can get their hands on  Merry X-Mas