Thank You from Mark and (Formerly Homeless Veteran) Lanny

I’ve always said that it’s not a miracle when a homeless person is housed, yet it is a miracle when the system actually works to house a homeless person. For 4 years we have been trying to get Lanny into housing. Today that finally happened.

This video is just a short video to say thanks to everyone who helped donate to make Lanny’s apartment a home.

I am still kind of in shock this is even happening. Huge thanks to the team at Ascencia, especially Natalie, who helped us navigate through the last bit of bureaucracy today that tried it’s best to stop Lanny’s move in. Oh, a special thanks to Damon and Christina for helping me move furniture and take Lanny shopping.

After being on the streets for over 10 years housing is just the start of a very long process of healing. Really, in many ways, the work has just begun. We will stick by Lanny to provide the support he needs, but the hard work is all his.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to each and everyone of you that donated the last few days. Please know that each gift, no matter how big or small, will go to Lanny to help him transition into this new life. Your generous gifts have helped more than you’ll know.  Thank you!



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  • tojosan

    This is wonderful. Lanny, may this new place be a real home to you.
    Sending you some positive energy.

  • b2blog