Street Medicine: Making House Calls to People Without Homes

During last year’s road trip I was honored to be introduced to two great men, Robert Egger of DC Central Kitchen and James S. Withers, M.D. of Operation Safety Net. Both men quickly became my heroes and friends. You can watch the original interview here .
I was also honored to spend a little time with Doctor Jim a few months back when the producers of @home gathered leaders in homeless services in New York City to help develop an outreach campaign and action items for the film. Both times I told Doctor Jim I was gonna someday visit Pittsburgh to help him tell his story. Well, I was finally able to make that happen.

There are no words to describe how much respect I have for this man. For more than twenty years he continues to go out into the streets providing healthcare to our homeless friends and neighbors. He may even be one of the most humble men I have ever met. Although he is brilliant, Doctor Jim’s heart of compassion makes him truly remarkable in the world of medicine.

Please watch these important interviews, and watch the trailer to “One Bridge to the Next”. Then, if you know someone in the medical field, or someone going to medical school, please forward this post to them. We need more people like Doctor Jim in this world.

The above video was recorded before we went out into the streets of Pittsburgh. We were having such a wonderful time with our new friends I asked them to join us in a retake. I know which one I like better, which one do you like best?

For more information visit please visit

Because Foundation’s film on Doctor Jim’s work “One Bridge to the Next”

Dr. Jim Withers is founder and medical director of Operation Safety Net, part of the Pittsburgh Mercy Health System and Catholic Health East, sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy. To learn more or to make a donation in support the excellent work of Dr. Withers and his team at Operation Safety Net in Pittsburgh, visit

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  • Wondering

    how can I get a shirt like the one you’re wearing in the video with Dr. Jim? Love it!

  • cyinger

    So inspiring!  This touched me deeply.  The women have beautiful and amazing spirits and the doctor represents the best of humankind.