Terry Pettigrew Died This Morning in a Home with Family


I just received this email and I cannot stop crying:

Dear Mark:

You may not remember me, but I am the sister-in-law of Terry. You did an interview with Terry Pettigrew in Calgary in March-April that made our lives turn up-side down.  Tery died this morning. But he passed peacefully with my husband by his side. We are so grateful for the work you do and the blessing of finding our brother for such a short but amazing time!! Thank you for that. If you ever come through here, or nearby, please look us up. We owe you a hug. Terry will no longer be homeless, his new home will be on our mantel. He was able to ensure that before he died. Don’t be sad, just know that all you do has paid off. God has truly blessed us with your work. Love and best wishes. God is only started to use you. We are praying for you.

Bev and Larry

Terry was a sweet man dying of cancer I first met while visiting a homeless shelter in Calgary, Canada. I was really moved by Terry and put his video up that very night. The local news media was with me when I visited Terry and The Calgary Herald put his story on their front page. They even included my video in their online version.

Terry’s brother, Larry, who he had no contact with for 34 years, saw the news story and the two brothers were reunited. Please read and watch the powerful video of the day they shared here.

There are no words to describe this miracle. I am so very grateful to have played a small part in Terry being reunited with his family for his last moments on Earth. Although homeless most of his life Terry died in a home with loving family. Here is the original video of Terry the night we met:


Photo credit: Lyle Aspinall


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  • Portland Rescue Mission

    Thanks for what you do, Mark.  So touching.

  • http://SeeingAmerica.org Mark

    Homelessness is often airbrushed out of the traditional media and living in a tent should be by choice.  

    Exploring social issues through photography at SeeingAmerica.org

  • http://thesocialjoint.com/ Lucretia M Pruitt

    Only now getting over here on this one Mark (from your comment on Geoff’s blog) and have to say – Mr. Pettigrew is one of those people you *wish* you had time to sit & listen to all of those stories he accumulated over the years. I’m so glad he got to see his brother & nephews and to spend his last days in a place where he was clearly in so many hearts. You do good work Mark, as always. Thanks.

  • http://raulcolon.net/ Raul Colon


    So great that Terry’s life story ended up with a happy ending. I am glad he is in a better place now! 

  • Sandy Anderson

    Oh Mark, This is extremely beautiful. I am so glad that they were united before Terry died. Thank you for sharing this with us. You are an inspiration to many people.