The Power of Community: Donny is in Housing

Four weeks ago I was in Calgary, Canada, where I met Donny and posted his video. I was being escorted by Andrea Ranson, part of the outreach team from Calgary Homeless Foundation . It was so cold out I thought my face was about to fall off.

Immediately after I posted this video,  Tim Richter, President & CEO of Calgary Homeless Foundation, tweet me that they were aggressively looking for Donny. About a week ago Tim tweet me they found Donny and offered him housing. Then yesterday Andrea sent me the this video from her phone:

On a few occasions after an video was posted communities have rallied to house the person featured. I’d love to take credit for that, but the truth is, it is the community that makes the difference. In this case it’s the people in Calgary who took the effort and not only found Donny but got him off the streets.

My prayer is that more communities will step up and make housing happen for those people living on the streets homeless.

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  • Alphalfa9999

    Hello,from Abbie-Normal.I was homeless until 2 mo. ago,on disability SSI.I appreciate these stories. Mr. Koch and his lackeys in gov. Should hear about them.then again they don’t care.