Interview with Albuquerque’s Mayor Richard Berry

100,000 Homes

This morning waking up at 4am did not come easy for me. I don’t know how Becky Kanis, Kat Johnson and the 100,000 Homes Team does this on a regular basis. I have to say I am beyond impressed with the preparation and commitment to make a registry week happen. On top of that, 100KHomes held the first ever boot camp bringing in 7 communities from around the U.S. for a hands-on intensive training. As leader, Becky Kanis has always blown me away, and now I have even more respect for her.

I was also very impressed and encouraged by Albuquerque’s Mayor Richard Berry. Mayor Berry championed the Albuquerque Heading Home initiative that is bringing together local stakeholders to house 75 of the city’s most vulnerable homeless people. For a politician the homeless conversation is rarely popular so it takes a lot of courage to stand up to effect real change. There is a huge difference in the success of any campaign when a city’s mayor is proactively involved. From what I saw behind the scenes and then meeting the mayor in person I have a lot of respect of Mayor Berry. I hope that his example spreads to other communities and we put a serious dent in homelessness!

Here is one of the local TV packages from today:

I am honored to be invited to participate in these events with 100kHomes. What they are doing to help homeless people must be supported by everyone it’s that important. The last few days I was behind the scenes of not just 100kHomes in action but a community making real change happen. I learned so much about homeless services, people, and myself! I think what I may love the most about 100kHomes is their commitment to open communication and growth. Thanks to the invite of 100kHomes and the City of Albuquerque I was a part of history.

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