You Do The Math

OK, lets see how you add this up. Here I am this whacked guy with a big mouth screaming real loud about homelessness. I get this crazy idea to drive around the county. It was either that or face my own eviction since I was unemployed without income.  Add all of YOUR support in helping me get out on the road. And then add a community that really understands compassion and networking.
Below is a short video I shot after meeting Don for the first time. Don was the first homeless person housed by “Our Step”, a community effort that is beyond gorgeous. But here is what is simply amazing. This housing program was started as a direct and indirect result of my speaking at the University of Arkansas during last year’s road trip.

Don was in a bad situation. He only has 35% use of his heart and was living on the streets. To get his 3 year-old daughter  back he had to have housing.  And to qualify for housing he had to have his daughter. Ya I know, crazy, but that is how dysfunctional homeless services can be. It’s called a “gap in the safety net” and Don feel through a huge gap. Luckily Our Step was there.

crazy me + social media + your support + community = housing

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