THE Farm

I am back in Northwest Arkansas. Last year when I was here lots of amazing things happened. Some funny, and some a flat out miracle. They want to say I had something to do with it. But that is just bonk. Truth is – YOU DID THIS! All of you that continue to support made this happen, and the Northwest Arkansas community made this happen. I just drove a car.
Today I visited The Farm. 40 acres of land that is now producing much more than food. It’s mind-blowing everything they are doing with this land. For example, today I visited and a group of girls from the Teen Action Support Center was busy ‘working’ the farm. Food, volunteerism , community involvement, education, even a school lunch thing that I don’t completely understand has started from this farm initiative.  But here is the wild part. The farm was birthed from my speaking at he University of Arkansas last year. That’s what I mean by YOU DID THIS! All of you helped me get here, and all of the local community worked hard to make my visit a catalyst for real change.

Here is a short video with Mike Rusch who is too me the real hero behind all this:

Tomorrow, I get to meet the first man who was placed into a housing program that was started after my visit. I am kind of lost tonight just thinking about all this. I am speaking tomorrow night and I take all this very serious. I mean, here I am still just trying to survive my own crisis by simply helping others and miracles are happening all around.

I am emotional trying this right now. Thank you Mike Rusch, and thank you Northwest Arkansas for making all this happen. And a very special thanks to each and every one of you that have helped me make a reality.

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