Everybody Has a Story: Meet Beth

WARNING: this video wrecks me EVERY TIME I watch it! This may be the best video I’ve seen on the homeless crisis!

Post on homelessness.change.org

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  • http://www.thericardowilliams.com/ Ricardo Williams

    this is sad, but very real

  • http://envizualize.com jonny goldstein

    Great video—all the elements, story, the voice, the visual look, really come together to create a sympathetic story I connected with.

    This is a great example of how to bring awareness to an issue.

    Now that I’ve seen this video, I would love to see a video that addresses what we can do to improve the situation for people who fall into homelessness.

  • http://robmaguire.com Rob Maguire

    An incredibly touching story, this video pumps a lot of emotion and impact into its two minutes. What a great piece to spread the word about the homelessness crisis. I’ll be sure to pass it along.

  • http://www.myspace.com/vcrobinson Rhonda Romiti

    I personally left my home for awhile to walk with the homeless. I actually walked miles and miles and miles, even ate some KFC from a garbage can. I would pick up bottles of soda on the side of the road and drank from them and refilled them with water for when I got thirsty, and Ifi had enough money, I would buy a burger and a soda at mcdonalds, eat half of it and leave the other halfof it on a bench by the train stop for someone else who was poorand/or homeless. I would sometimes go to a landromat and wash one loadxof clothes and carried a plastic bag with me andif i had extra bottles of soap shampoo and lotion i would hide them a little, but peeking out enough so somebody could find them. I saw magnificent things and how the homeless who stuck together and took care of each other.
    God bless the families that live on our earth.