Mark Horvath on blogtalkradio – using social media for social marketing

John Lawlor interviews me for blogtalkradio. The topic is using social media to help bring awareness to the issues of homelessness. Two months ago I started with only $45, a small camera, laptop, and I aggressively used twitter to make things happen.

Wow – I don’t know how I did it but I was able to work in The Dream Center, Union Rescue Mission, Andy Bales, Michael Buckingham, Guy Kawasaki , and many more. We talked extensively about homeless issues and I used real life examples of my social media successes like “persuading” Guy to build – the best resource for current homeless news.

I reference a post about a baby that showed up at the shelter you can read here. Homeless has a new face and that is two parent families with children.

If you would rather listen to the podcast you can download it here

Honestly, this was my first time doing live radio in over 7 years so I was very nervous. I didn’t say everything I wanted to say the way I wanted to say it. Plus, even in the few weeks since it was recorded I have learned so much more about social media and working with homeless services. The post below this is a good example. That all said, there’s still plenty of great stuff that I think you’ll enjoy.

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  • I have had a predatory lender once, too. They were foreclosing on houses in my town on purpose. They would take my payment and put it in an “unapplied funds” on my account instead of toward the house payment. I could never get a hold of anyone to use those funds toward the payment. They just kept forwarding me to voicemails and many hung up on me. So, of course, after 90 days of putting my money there instead of toward the balance, they started foreclosing procedures. It took a class-action lawsuit to shut them down. Unfortunately, we got only pennies compared to what the who ordeal cost. =( So yes, people, there are predatory lenders out there. It’s ridiculous and made me afraid to ever buy a home again.