The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – twitter for raising $

This week David Armano with the help of his network of influence used twitter to raise lots of money to help a homeless family in need. That is not only good, it is flat out GORGEOUS. My network of influence is very small compared to David’s, but once I saw the first tweet I screamed as loud as I could to everyone who would listen. I also donated money because I would not ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. Yes, I’m in a financial crisis of my own, but I am sick and tired of people talking about giving yet not taking any real action.

The bad is nonprofits who are grasping for air as it is will only see twitter and not the relationships. Twitter was only the vehicle. David could have sent out a direct mail piece and raised this money. If you are jumping on twitter to raise money – GET OFF! You clearly do not understand the value of building relationships or social media.

The ugly is right now while I type there is a marketing firm out there who felt this buzz and is going to try and sell twitter to a client as a fundraising strategy. Seriously, it would be so gorgeous if more of this genuine compassion takes place, and I hope it does. But the more people with big hearts try and help their neighbors in need, the more the big ugly nonprofit fundraising machine will try and sell the “miracle” of twitter to their clients. That is uglier than my step-sister!

My friend Moira Nordholt wrote a great post “Influence 4 Compassion” – I’m adding it because I met Moira on Christmas day this year. She was using twitter to help the homeless. Of course, that got my attention. #tweetUplift

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  • That you are in a financial crisis yourself really says a lot about your character. Thank you for giving and for getting the word out about Daniela and family.