Charles Lee has great ideas.

I have been wrestling with this post all day mainly because I am not a writer and I honestly want to convey all the love and respect I have for Charles Lee.

We connected kind of by accident. His church needed a rent-a-drummer and I needed food. Seems like a match to me. What I didn’t plan on is how much Charles wrecks me. My first thoughts were, “this is cool I get paid to sit in church”, but when Charles started to speak I was so challenged I could not take their money. Heck, I want to support them. You need to support them.

Well, I’ve TRIED to give them their money back, but they keep sending me checks. How I’ve personally been able to deal with this is I don’t play drums – they are filing my fridge. As some of you know I am going through a financial challenge and literally the money New Hope sends me was my only income for a few months. The temp job I just landed only pays rent so the money they send me is still filling my fridge. To my shock on December 15th the whole church made a commitment that I would not go without food in 2009. You know what, I believe them – they are not like any other church I have ever experienced.

Again – words cannot describe Charles Lee.

Charles has lots of great ideas. Ok, one may be questionable. He actually allowed me to speak at three of his services. Me?!! You can read about it and download the podcast here. I don’t point to the service because of me. What Charles said to his church that day I never believed was possible. You’ll have to hear for yourself.

Here are more of Charles’s great ideas. The Idea Camp, The Freeze Project, and JustOne

But, and it’s a big BUT, Charles submitted an idea to a contest on . Wait! That’s not all! His idea made it to the finals. The winning top 10 ideas will be presented to the Obama administration just before inauguration day. Cool, huh?

So click on the following link and vote for this cool idea

National Campaign to Build More Trafficking Shelters

Then check out New Hope’s website and sign up for their podcast.

I’m telling ya. I never knew church could be so real! Charles Lee ROCKS!

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  • Done. Just voted. And I just found your blog tonight, along with the project. You are doing incredible work, sir. ’09 will be a doozy to be sure, but keep fighting the good fight. It’s all we can do.