Serious change is coming! Are you ready?

Some time ago Pastor Blunt bought several of us Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Why We Want You to be Rich”. It is a great book and if you have not read it I highly recommend you do so NOW! There is a lot of terrific information but one point they make I have been thinking about all day. Basically they state that in about 8 years there will no longer be a middle class!

Yesterday I was at a conference and I will post on that in a moment. Several of the speakers validated this serious and imminent transformation to society. Speakers like Steve Forbes and Phil Town, who, most definitely are credible experts validated that in 8 to 10 years everything is going to change for the worse!!!

Trust me, I am a positive person and thinking positively about life has had a dramatic improvement on me. That is not going to change. Positive things happen to positive people. There is nothing as ugly as a paranoid sprit on a person although we must face reality when awful things either happen; or are about to happen.

Having lived in Los Angeles during the 1992 LA riots you could not help but feel this is a sign of things to come. The riots were not about race! Rodney King was only the spark that ignited an impending explosion of “haves” and the “have-nots”.  I remember when the news hit that the city, my city, was going insane. I worked at Starcom Television at the time so I walked over to the Technical Operational Control or TOC where I could see all the live feeds from the various helicopters and cameras around the city. Words cannot describe the feelings all of us experienced as we watched 20 TVs on the wall filled with extreme chaos, violence and looting. No one said a word, we just watched in silence!

After the riots we received the contract from the FBI to transfer all the raw footage captured by all the news cameras during the riots. We saw stuff that would never be broadcast but, time and time again it was all about money and people trying to “get theirs”. Black, White, Latino, Asian where all helping each other break into stores. My absolute favorite clip was of a police officer, who, after seeing multiple people walk out of an electronic store with televisions, pulled out his gun and yelled “freeze police”! No one stopped; no one paid attention to him or his gun. They just kept on looting. There were far too many people for him to shoot so he put his gun back into its holster.

I lived in North Hollywood at the time and the very next garbage day every house had a couch, a TV, an entertainment set, a washer, a dryer, a microwave or other items out on the curb for pickup since they all looted new stuff. Seriously; every single house had something on the curb to go to the dump.

I said all that only to illustrate that we have been given a glimpse of the future so we better not ignore the change that is coming.

I know I don’t want to think about this but when I do it really changes my perspective. I ask myself “what am I investing in?” I don’t believe that in 8 years time I will have Donald Trump money but more importantly, I can invest in God’s kingdom. That means more then ever we have to be eternal minded. We need to invest not only our time but our money in our local church. The government will not be able to take care of us. If you remember the riots the National Guard forgot the bullets and it took days for ammunition to arrive.

Also, we need to invest in people. Our relationships are so very important. Are the friends you have today the type of friends you can count on when times get tough? Are your friends givers or takers? Will they help you and love you when you do not have a thing to give them in return? Are they spiritually and emotionally strong enough to handle a crisis situation? Are they able to put others in front of themselves in a crisis situation? Is integrity important to them? Do they keep their word no matter what? Are they selfish? Better yet, are you selfish? Are you the type of friend who truly understands Proverbs 17:17? Proverbs 18:24? Are you loyal? Do you care about others more then yourself?

Too me, if I really allow this to change my perspective, which it should, then I need to be more concerned about God and caring for His people then a new BMW or that Hawaii vacation.

Any thoughts?

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